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Jan. 25, 2022

Avoid These 5 Mistakes In Setting Up Your Cannabis Company

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Did you know there are things you can do in the structuring and set up of your cannabis business that can pay huge dividends in terms of making it more efficient, less frustrating and putting more money in your pocket in a tax efficient manner?

And, one of those things is how you set up your new cannabis venture. Starting a cannabis business is exciting, but don't overlook the details. It's important to think through which type of business entity makes the most sense for your company today and down the road.

So, Chip will talk about the five common mistakes entrepreneurs make when selecting a business entity.

And, if you’ve already set up your company, but are now having second thoughts after we run through this, don’t worry.  We'll also talk about a hack you can use to change how your company is taxed if you hear anything here that gives you pause.

Plus, we've got our "News of The Day" segment.

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