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Feb. 8, 2022

How to Build a Successful Dispensary with Christy and Haley from Haus of Jayne

Christy Spanton and Haley Hunt are building a boutique hemp dispensary in the most improbable of places: deep in the heart of Texas.

Through hard work, dedication to educating their customers and a love of the plant, Haus of Jayne is quickly becoming a destination stop. Established in 2020, Haus of Jayne offers a complete shopping experience and a relaxing environment.

In this week's episode, Christy and Haley join Chip to talk about their success path in quickly building Haus of Jayne, including:

  • Providing an immersive experience in their brick-and-mortar store combined with a welcoming online platform
  • Proactively educating consumers on the benefits of cannabis-derived hemp and CBD with a responsibility to those customers
  • Quickly achieving a recognizable brand presence through savvy social media
  • Being unbridled advocates for the plant and its healing properties
  • And, their “secret sauce” to creating a top brand in a complicated market

Plus, they were gracious enough to stick around to participate in our "News of The Day" segment.

Find Haus of Jayne:
You can shop Haus of Jayne on the web at www.hausofjayne.com and connect with them on social media at Facebook or Instagram. And, if you're in central Texas, stop by and see them at 766 Old Fitzhugh Road in Dripping Springs, Texas (Austin area).

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Christy Spanton

Co-Founder / Mom / Fitness / Cannapreneur

Christy is the co-founder of Haus of Jayne, a boutique hemp dispensary in Dripping Springs, Texas. She's a mother, fitness and wellness advocate and cannabis advocate.

Haley Hunt

Co-Founder / Mom / Cannabis Enthusiast / Entrepreneur

Haley is the co-founder of Haus of Jayne, a boutique hemp dispensary in Dripping Springs, Texas. She's a registered nurse, wellness advocate and cannabis advocate.