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May 3, 2022

How to Leverage Data To Increase Sales with Jeffrey Graham of Pistil Data

Embracing digital adoption and integrating data tools properly are two critical ingredients in the recipe of successful cannabis businesses.

In fact, the use of data that has been prevalent in mainstream companies of all shapes and sizes is starting to gain traction in the cannabis industry. And that's because using data properly can be a total game changer in terms of data utilization on your cannabis business’s sales and overall profitability.

So, in this week's episode Chip welcomes Jeffrey Graham, the co-founder and CEO of Pistil Data, a cannabis tech company who help sales teams grow and save time by providing them with information and insights at their fingertips.

He’s also an accomplished jazz musician and former executive with Google, BlackRock, Twitter and NorCal Cannabis.

We talk about leveraging data to increase sales velocity as well as Jeffrey's success path in quickly building Pistil Data, including:

👉🏼 The cannabis industry's "Big Shift" toward data and why data is a brand's “secret weapon" for understanding their market

👉🏼 Making the leap from Silicon Valley to Cannabis - why this former Twitter/Google exec sees huge potential in weed

👉🏼 Starting a tech company in cannabis and becoming a first-time weed entrepreneur at 50

👉🏼 Raising capital and landing Snoop Dogg's venture capital firm as an investor

👉🏼 How this jazz musician combines his love of cannabis to unlock the “flow state”

Plus, Jeffrey joins Chip for our "News of The Day" segment.

Want to learn more about anything discussed in this week's episode? Send an e-mail to chip@thegreenleafcpa.com and let's discuss!

Find Pistil Data:
You can learn more about Pistil Data's capabilities on the web at www.pistildata.com or you can connect with them on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

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Jeffrey Graham


Jeffrey Graham is a former Director of Google and BlackRock, VP of Twitter and NorCal Cannabis and is currently the Co-founder and CEO of Pistil Data. He founded Pistil to help sales teams grow and save time by providing them with the information and insights they need at their fingertips.