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March 29, 2022

Here’s The One Business Mistake To Avoid This Tax Season

It's tax time again, and that means it's time to pay Uncle Sam!

It also means the IRS once again ramping up audits of cannabis businesses. Yes, it seems as though the IRS is emerging from a COVID-induced slumber to once again set their sights on marijuana companies in legal states.

And, when you understand that the average IRS audit of a cannabis company returns nearly 6 times the dollars to the Treasury per hour as compared to the average mainstream business audit, it’s easy to see why cannabis businesses are back in the IRS’s crosshairs.

But, there's an equally important reason to get a handle on your taxes and that's from a business perspective. So in this week's episode, Chip talks about the one big mistake to avoid this tax season that can keep more money in your business rather than sending it to the government.

Plus, we'll have our "News of The Day" segment.

Want to learn more about anything discussed in this week's episode? Send an e-mail to chip@thegreenleafcpa.com and let's discuss!

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