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April 19, 2022

Unique Tactics to Save Big on Taxes with The Cannabis CFP

Cannabis business owners are always looking for ways to save money in all aspects of their businesses, and none more so than with taxes. But with IRC 280E it can get very difficult to minimizing what you pay to Uncle Sam and also put that money back in your pocket.

So in this week's episode, Chip sits with Justin Klein of Klein Capital Investments to talk about unique, legal tactics to save on cash taxes for your cannabis business. Justin is an experienced Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who is also the co-founder of a vertically-integrated cannabis company in Montana, so his insights are perfectly tailored to the cannabis business owner.

It's a fun discussion where you learn not only about how the tools of financial planning can reduce your tax liability, but also put more money in your pocket and retain key employees. And, you'll hear Justin's unique take on the exciting growth of the cannabis industry.

Plus, Justin was able to stick around to participate in our "News of The Day" segment where we touched on very timely and topical current events.

About Klein Capital Investments:
You can find Justin (the "Cannabis CFP") on the web at https://www.cannabiscfp.com or can connect with him on Instagram by clicking here: Cannabis.CFP

And, Justin can be reached by phone on (406) 219-2273.

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Justin KleinProfile Photo

Justin Klein

Certified Financial Planner™️

Justin has a passion for the financial markets where he has worked since 2004 and enjoys the learning experience. He was born in Livingston, New Jersey and moved, as a youngster, to Bozeman, Montana in 1988. He attended Montana State University, graduating in 2004 with a major in Finance and a minor in Statistics, and then returned to New York where he started in the investments profession working for Morgan Stanley. After returning from a trip to Israel in 2008, Justin decided to return to Bozeman to continue his career and shortly thereafter, he joined Stifel. During this time, Justin received a degree in the Financial Planning Education Program from Kaplan University and obtained the Certified Financial Planner™️ designation. After 8 years at Stifel he decided to open his own financial planning firm and also, became the co-founder of a vertically integrated cannabis business. Combining his experience in the finance and cannabis industries, Justin has focused his business on helping cannabis business owners reduce taxes, retain employees, and fund retirement through financial planning.